About my Company

Longfellow Soap Company grew out of a class that I bought at a fundraising gala for the Friends School of St Paul where my granddaughter was a student. I have always been curious about how things are made and thought it would be fun to learn how to make soap. I liked it from the start and kept making soap and giving it away for over two years. I read books, tried different ingredients, and finally perfected my recipe. When friends and family asked to buy it from me I decided to try and develop a part time business (I was still working full time). In the first month (December 2013) I sold over 200 bars. Seward Coop in Minneapolis was my first account and they sold over 1,000 bars in 2014.

InĀ  May 2014 a table saw accident (not recommended) hastened my early retirement (highly recommended) and in 2015 I set out to expand my business. I ended 2015 with eight store accounts and in 2016 have grown to thirteen. Sales in 2016 will exceed 10,000 bars.

I recently hired a neighbor to take over most of the packaging and in the near future will be adding another person to help make soap. I still cut every bar by hand.

I teach cold process soap making in Minneapolis. Contact me for details.

I also offer fundraising with soap (sells as well as chocolate bars). Custom labels with your groups name are available. Contact me.