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Longfellow Soap Company, based in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis, is dedicated to producing the finest hand made soap in the Twin Cities.

Longfellow Soap Company grew out of a class that I bought at a fundraising gala for the Friends School of St Paul where my granddaughter was a student. I have always been curious about how things are made and thought it would be fun to learn how to make soap. I liked it from the start and kept making soap and giving it away for over two years. I read books, tried different ingredients, and finally perfected my recipe.


Longfellow Soap Company

Hand Made, Hand Cut, Hand’s Down the Best!



All of my soaps are natural and biodegradable, made with high quality olive, coconut, and avocado oil, and scented with pure essential oils. Each batch of soap is hand cut and packaged by me, then delivered fresh to local stores.

Below are just a few selections of the varieties of soap I make.


This is so Minnesotan that it almost says ” Ya Sure Ya Betcha”
The north woods smell comes from fir needle oil imported from Siberia.
Pine sawdust from my wood shop is used as a mild exfoliate.
Put a small piece in your vehicle ashtray in place of those lame air fresheners


One whiff of my cedar soap will magically transport you to the cedar closet that graced many mid century homes (like the one I grew up in).
Cedar sawdust from my table saw provides the exfoliate.
Softly sweet cedar scent courtesy of Himalayan cedar wood essential oil


Smell the sunshine! Soothing to your senses like a cup of lemongrass tea.
Lemon zest is added as an exfoliate (coarse like loofa). It also gives my soap a rich yellow color.
This is a favorite with children and encourages cleanliness.


My grandmother is my inspiration in creating this soap.
Her farm was overrun by wild honeysuckle and each year the smell of it almost knocked me over with it’s sweetness. The nectar was fun to drink too.
There is nothing extra in my honeysuckle soap, just pure sweet scent.


This is my best selling soap in every one of my stores.
Most lavender soaps are very pungent so I add lemon zest which releases lemon oil that creates a mild overtone of citrus and is a good exfoliate as well.
This reminds me of the sachets that my mother kept in her “dainties” drawer.


Rosewood is my favorite wood for making pens and bowls. It is a very oily wood and smells like roses as it is turned.
This soap is unique to most people and has a woodsy scent with a floral after note that teases your nose like fine wine.
The rosewood sawdust adds flecks of color to this soap


Longfellow Soap Company

Natural Soaps for a Cleaner World


Custom Soap

I can make custom soaps for special occasions like weddings or birthdays.
I can create soap for fundraising events.
Contact me for pricing and details


Soap Making Classes

Learn to make soap using the cold process method. Contact me for dates, times, and locations.


You can find our handmade products at the following locations:

Seward Coop

Seward Soap
Seward Coop Franklin Store
Seward Coop Friendship Store
Minneapolis, MN

Eastside Coop

Northeast Soap
Minneapolis, MN

Wedge Coop

Wedge Soap
Wedge Coop
Wedge Table
Minneapolis, MN

Longfellow Market

Longfellow Soap
Minneapolis, MN

Love From Minnesota Soap

at these stores:

Love from Minnesota– Apache Mall – Rochester MN
Love from Minnesota-Roseville MN
Love from Minnesota-IDS Center – Minneapolis MN
I Love Minnesota – Mall of America 372 West
Minnesot-Ah – Mall of America 157 East
Minnesota State Fair- Love from Minnesota Booth

Minnesota State Fair

Ron Schara Minnesota Bound booth
Love from Minnesota Booth

Oxendale Market – West St Paul MN

Mendota Soap

Oxendale Market – Minneapolis MN

Nokomis Soap

Natural Soaps for a Cleaner World

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